Warehouse Dashboard

Hardware and web application that helps in instantly and accurately Monitoring from anywhere at anytime for all warehouses’ materials including their availability, value, and movements using IoT and Cloud  Technologies plus sending automatic requests for shortage materials, daily scheduled reports and conditional alerts plus can be integrated with any ERP system to compare the balance.

Total Quantities

Instantly total quantities per each items and categories in each warehouse or all.

Total Values

Instantly total value in any currency per item, category, or warehouse. 

Total Spaces

Display the available and usage spaces in each warehouse and for each item.

Service Level

Measure the ability of each warehouse to deliver on required time automatically

Actual Lead Time

Calculate actual lead time per each item and compare with ideal lead time

Value Tracking

Track the total value of each item, category, and warehouse.

Automatic Purchase Requisition

Once the item reached the minimum quantity level, the dashboard will send automatic PR by email.

Items Transactions

Follow up all items' transactions per day, week, and month.

Non and slow moving Tracking

Track non and slow moving items and get automatic notifications in a certain period.

Track out of stock items

Get alerts for out of stock items in each warehouse

Scheduled Reports

Determine which email addresses to receive automatic reports at the end of each shift, day, week, month, and quarter for per machine, production line, or per factory plus receiving automatic comparison and analytic reports about machines' efficiency, stoppage reasons, and more. 

Conditional Alerts

Setup a conditional alert to inform the relative person or manager, when something is going wrong, immediately by email or sms to take the proper action as soon as possible.