Tank Dashboard

Measure Automatically and Display instantly the available liquid or solid stock, consumptions, and supplied amount in all type of Tanks, sending automatic daily and monthly reports, plus sending alerts when reaching the re-order point.

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/ Tank
  • Measure inner, consumption, and added amount instantly
  • Display amounts in a small digit screen
  • One year Warranty with fast technical support




 / Tank
  • Basic Features plus
  • SIM Card Module to send messages
  • Reorder point Alert through sms messages 
  • SIM card not included




/ Tank
  • Basic Features Plus
  • One year Dashboard subscription
  • Automatic Daily and Monthly Reports
  • Email and SMS Alerts




/ Tank / Quarter
  • Advanced Features
  • Including Rented Hardware
  • Free hardware upgrades and dashboard updates
  • Analytical Reports

** Prices excluding VAT Taxes

** Prices for tanks' hight less than 4 meters and extra fees will be added for higher tanks.

** 7% discount for each additional point

** Prices for Cairo and Giza locations  and additional fees will be added for other locations accordingly.

Other Features

Extra options can be added with extra fees

Rechargeable Battery 

We provide rechargeable battery module to keep our hardware running up to 2 hours plus sending alert

System Integration

Using APIs we can integrate with other systems like ERP to share gathered data with them.

Additional Measurements 

We can measure other measurements like water quality, TDS, TSS, flow rate, and more. 

Main Measurements

Measure accurately to improve immediately   

Available Stock

Current available amount in the Tank

Added Amount

Amount of added quantity and when happened

Consumed Amount

Amount of consumed quantity and when happened